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OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup

Are you excited about One Laptop Per Child’s mission to expand educational experiences with technology? Do you want to hear what people in the field are doing? And will you be excited to mesh your new XO laptop with other G1G1 First Day Donors?

Then come join other XO enthusiasts for the first OLPC LC-DC meeting with a special guest, Bryan Berry, External Relations Manager, OLE Nepal.

Bryan will be giving us an overview of OLE Nepal’s progress with its OLPC pilot in Nepal, and detail their evaluation plan, content development, and progress in creating One Laptop Per Nepali Child.

OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup
December 18, 7 PM
Mayorga Cafe & Lounge
3301 14th. St. NW (map)

Be sure to bring your enthusiasm, your commitment, and of course, you shiny green XO laptop.

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OLPC Learning Club – DC

OLPC Learning Club – Washington, DC is a local group of XO laptop enthusiasts committed to co-learning, hacking, and expanding the One laptop Per Child computational experience.

OLPC LC/DC has three simple goals:

  1. co-learning on the XO – be it with each other, our children, or other interested parties.
  2. hacking the XO – add new activities, actions, and uses from Jonathan’s software to case mods.
  3. expanding the XO – both the concept of expanding its uses but also expanding its audience and users

If you too believe that the One Laptop Per Child laptop, the Children’s Machine XO is a revolution in education and technology, then please join us:

Let us spread education, one laptop at a time.

Just to be clear, OLPC Learning Club – Washington DC is independent from the One Laptop Per Child organization. It’s a grassroots effort only.

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The OLPC Learning Club DC and Sugar Labs DC are independent grassroots organizations supporting the missions of One Laptop per Child and Sugar Labs.

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