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Informal Meetup Saturday 12/29 at 2:30pm in Arlington

Justin Thorp is doing an informal meetup tomorrow afternoon at Murky Coffee in Arlington, VA. Details are on the OLPC News Forum thread.

I’m still on vacation through Monday, but am answering comments here and posting on the forum. Until we pull together the details of the next formal meeting, Wayan is collecting news on informal meetups to promote on OLPC News and I will mirror any local announcements here on this blog.

Update: Here are some photos of the meetup.

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Video from the first Holiday Meetup

Last night’s Holiday Meetup at Mayorga Cafe was a great success. Until I can do a writeup and post photos, I’ll link to the two videos I managed to get of the talks last night. Enjoy.

Bryan Berry

Guest speaker: Bryan Berry, External Relations Manager, OLE Nepal, with Wayan Vota doing introductions. Bryan also provided the text to his speech.

Guest speakers: Christoph Derndorfer & Aaron Kaplan of OLPC Austria.

Shaky camera work by Mike Lee.

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OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup Update

Are you stalking UPS drivers with geek-lust for your G1G1 laptop? Do you want to mesh network with other First Day Donors? Then be sure to join us for the first ever:

OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup
December 18, 7 PM
Mayorga Cafe & Lounge
3301 14th. St. NW (map)

We will have three special guests with us from other OLPC organizing groups:

Bryan, Christoph, and Aaron will be giving us an overview of their progress in organizing local OLPC groups in their countries, and ideas on how to expand OLPC LC/DC.

Then we’ll have an in-depth geek-fest and discussion around XO laptop usage right here in Washington DC. Be sure to bring your enthusiasm, your commitment, and of course, you shiny green G1G1 XO laptop!

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Pitching In

XO beta 4 camera: Cici 'n me taking a pause from TamTam

Hello. My name is Mike Lee. The photo is of me with my 4-year-old daughter mugging for the built-in camera of a prototype XO laptop.

Wayan has asked me to take over running this blog and the OLPC Learning Club – DC. Wayan’s not going anywhere, but as you might imagine with the surge of interest in One Laptop Per Child because of the Give One Get One program, Wayan has been close to maxed out maintaining OLPC News.

I became personally involved with OLPC because as part of my day job as one of the directors of a large non-profit web site, I have been my company’s sponsorship liaison to the MIT Media Lab for the last four years. It’s a profound privilege to be able to visit the lab 4-6 times a year. When OLPC spun off from MIT, several people I knew from the Media Lab went over to join Nicholas and I was able to drop in periodically to see their progress over the last 14 months.

Since August, I’ve had two of the B-test-4 laptops. Experiencing them has brought me to the realization that they are truly a breakthrough in so many ways not apparent to the press or casual viewer. Probably for the first time in the history of digital computers, a computing machine, the XO-1, has been developed from scratch to serve a purely humanitarian need. Beyond being an educational platform for small children in developing countries, the open source nature of the software and hardware encourages all who come in contact with the XO to set their minds free and think about bold new applications.

I’m not involved here because I work with the Media Lab or because I happened to have one of the prototype XOs because of contacts at OLPC. I truly love the ideas behind OLPC, and would certainly have become involved regardless. I’m volunteering some of my free time to the cause.

So, I look forward to getting to know you all. Please join OLPC Learning Club – DC and set your mind free to the possibilities!



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