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The Lives of Laptops and Bees

XO and Bees

You might be wondering what laptops and bees have in common. Perhaps you think we’re talking about the busy-as-bees OLPC staff and volunteers that are getting ready for the return of the Give One Get One offer through Amazon. Or you might envision hundreds of thousands of children around the world joyously buzzing around their XOs. Those are realities to be sure, but laptops and bees have found each other locally.

What: Family XO Mesh Meetup
When: Saturday, November 15th, 2008, 10 am to 1 pm
Arlington Career Center
816 South Walter Reed Drive,
Arlington, VA 22204
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Dr. Frank Linton, Sheng Zhao and Matt Gallagher will present a project they did this past summer to gather scientific data related to the health of bees. The project’s title is “OLPC Research Software: A Tool for the Automatic Periodic Capture of Audio Data” and is part of an interdisciplinary effort by the Arlington Public Schools STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program.

As always, we’ll have news or samples of the latest OLPC-related products. Anyone who wants to get the new software update for their XO can still do so. If you’re thinking about donating to Give One Get One and want to meet other XO users of all ages, our meeting is for you!

Upcoming Meetings:

Saturday, December 20, 10am – 1pm – Gallaudet University
Saturday, January 17, 2009, 10am – 1pm, Location TBD
Saturday, February 21, 10am – 1pm, Location TBD

Bee illustration by Emmanuel Boutet as posted to Wikimedia Commons. XO photo from Mike Lee and Christoph Derndorfer’s Photo Jam 1.

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