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Sugar Blueberry released, December dinner

Congratulations to the team at Sugar Labs who has officially released another major update to the Sugar Learning Platform in the form of the significantly enhanced ‘Blueberry’ version 2.0 of Sugar on a Stick. In the time it takes to bake a holiday cake, you can install Blueberry one or two USB flash drives to try out with a young child on a desktop PC or laptop. As can be seen from the photo above, I’ve got it installed on several USB flash drives and SD cards. Blueberry on a flash drive makes a great stocking stuffer, but don’t leave the drive in your stocking or on the tree for too long!

For December, the Learning Club will gather at Taste of India in Woodley Park, DC to reflect on the year past and discuss plans for 2010.

December Dinner
Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Taste of India
2621 Connecticut Avenue Northwest (near Woodley Park Metro)
Washington, DC 20008-1522
(202) 483-1115
Map, Web site]

It would be a good idea to RSVP before Tuesday evening 12/15 so we have an idea of the size table we need. Email Mike and Kevin at the email addresses on the right column of the home page.

Other notes and reminders:

  • The OLPC Contrbutor’s Program is a way to get XO laptops granted free for worthy projects.
  • The OLPC Support Gang is a group of volunteers that answers help ticket questions that people submit to They are always looking for more volunteers of all technical levels to participate.
  • OLPC has a number of job openings.
  • While the Give 1 Get 1 program will not happen this holiday season, the giving campaign is still on.
  • Sugar Labs has partnered with Nexcopy to collect used USB flash drives to reload with Sugar on a Stick for distribution to schools.
  • There is a brief video clip available of Walter Bender’s keynote speech at the Netbook World Summit where Sugar on a Stick version 2.0 was released.

Until January’s meeting is scheduled, we may or may not post further here. So if we don’t see or hear from you, do have a safe and happy holiday!

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