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January Meeting: Cupcakes to Celebrate Three Years; XO-1.75 Alpha at CES

Saturday, January 22, 2011, 1:30pm-4pm
Arlington Career Center
816 South Walter Reed Drive
Arlington, VA 22204

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This month tricked us by starting with a Saturday and giving us four more, so we’re meeting on the afternoon of the fourth Saturday instead of the third.

To celebrate three years of meetings, there will be XO cupcakes! Then:

  • an update from Sugar Labs DC
  • news on the XO-1.75 alpha machine shown last week at CES 2011 (hand crank charging is now possible!)
  • a look at the just-released FINAL version of the the 10.1.3 system update with many exciting new features and fixes. If you would like help upgrading, back up your journal files and bring your XO-1 or XO-1.5 fully charged with AC adapter.
  • a peek the late beta version of LEGO’s completely rewritten version of the WeDo robotics software for the XO-1 and XO-1.5, for which the Learning Club provided some consultation and testing.

Please also bring some thoughts on OLPC or Sugar Labs-related activities we might do during 2011.

Cupcake illustration designed by Mike and Cici on an iPod Touch using Maverick Software’s Cupcakes! App.

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The OLPC Learning Club DC and Sugar Labs DC are independent grassroots organizations supporting the missions of One Laptop per Child and Sugar Labs.

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