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Solar test with the XO-1.75 beta laptop

I decided to try to duplicate the impressive no-battery solar panel test that Richard Smith and Chris Ball shot on video recently in Cambridge, MA.

I couldn’t get everything set up until 3:15 pm today here in Wheaton, MD (just north of Washington, D.C.), so the 10 watt OLPC panel wouldn’t power the batteryless XO-1.75 B1 laptop because the sun was too low. Skies were partly cloudy on this Sunday in winter.

Switching to a 20 watt HQRP panel with a charge controller, I was able to boot and run the laptop. I had to move the setup several times to dodge tree shadows as I’m in a wooded area. And the sun became too dim by 3:40 pm for the 20 watt panel to work at all.

Even though this test was with a larger panel than the OLPC standard, it’s still impressive that I can run the laptop in dim winter sunlight with no battery. The XO 3.0 tablet will have the same performance as it has a similar mother board.

Here are short video clips of booting up and surfing the web.

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First meeting of 2012: Updates on Sugar, XO-1.75 and XO 3.0

We are back at Gallaudet University this Saturday to discuss the recent announcements from OLPC on the XO 3.0 tablet and XO-1.75 laptop. Jeff Elkner will also demo Sugar running on Trisquel GNU/Linux 5.0. We will do some planning on our agenda for the May 19th, 2012 Scratch Day event.

What: Family XO Meetup
When: Saturday, January 21, 2012, 10 am to 1pm
Where: Gallaudet University [map, aerial photo], Student Academic Center
in computer lab SAC 1211, Washington, D.C. 20002

The room may actually change, but we’ll post a sign. Let us know if you need help upgrading your XO laptop and we’ll be sure to bring a USB drive with the necessary files.

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