OLPC Learning Club – DC

OLPC Learning Club – Washington, DC is a local group of XO laptop enthusiasts committed to co-learning, hacking, and expanding the One laptop Per Child computational experience.

OLPC LC/DC has three simple goals:

  1. co-learning on the XO – be it with each other, our children, or other interested parties.
  2. hacking the XO – add new activities, actions, and uses from Jonathan’s software to case mods.
  3. expanding the XO – both the concept of expanding its uses but also expanding its audience and users

If you too believe that the One Laptop Per Child laptop, the Children’s Machine XO is a revolution in education and technology, then please join us:

Let us spread education, one laptop at a time.

Just to be clear, OLPC Learning Club – Washington DC is independent from the One Laptop Per Child organization. It’s a grassroots effort only.

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Hi Wayan: I saw you on 60 Mins. I wanted to share with you that my retarded daughter who knows her letters and numbers to 10, is deaf and has seizures is 99% self-taught on the compture since about age 5. She can only write her name, my name and the words pizza and soda. At first she used KidPix a lot – clicking and clicking to see what happened. She has progressed to Google and You Tube, beginning with images and now videos. She gets her movie boxes, books, my cook books, her picture flash cards, and even food boxes or bottles from which she copies various words that she does not know into the search box to see what she can get. It is fasinating to watch her. While traveling in Nashville, she went on the hotel computer and pulled up Six Flags Amusement Park – how, I don’t know but she did it. So the point is, that kids CAN learn on a computer without a lot of instruction. I agree that they will do it better and do it faster with help, but kids are amazing. Funny thing is that “normal” kids ask me how to do this or do that on the computer, and I tell them that if Laney can figure it out, they should try to do it themselves.
Thanks for your good works.

Jesse Thomas

I am really excited about this! great idea. If you need help with any branding or web design let me know id love to help out.

// jess3.com

Mike Lee

Jesse, thanks for the offer. Let’s wait until this is a real functioning group. Looking forward to meeting you.


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