OLPC Learning Club – Washington, DC

A local user group of OLPC XO laptop and Sugar Learning Platform enthusiasts committed to co-learning, hacking, and expanding the One laptop Per Child computational experience community.

We meet monthly on the third Saturday from 10am-1pm at either the Arlington Career Center in Virginia or the Gallaudet University Student Academic Center. Our room locations do change, so please subscribe to the email list below for monthly announcements or visit the main web page.

OLPC LC/DC has three simple goals:

  1. co-learning on the XO – be it with each other, our children, or other interested parties.
  2. hacking the XO – add new activities, actions, and uses from Jonathan’s software to case mods.
  3. expanding the XO – both the concept of expanding its uses but also expanding its audience and uers

If you too believe that the One Laptop Per Child laptop, the Children’s Machine XO is a revolution in education and technology, then please join us:

Let us spread education, one laptop at a time.

Just to be clear, OLPC Learning Club – Washington DC is independent from the One Laptop Per Child organization. It’s a grassroots effort only.

Wayan Vota

The OLPC Learning Club DC and Sugar Labs DC are independent grassroots organizations supporting the missions of One Laptop per Child and Sugar Labs.

contact us

mike lee -
curiouslee at gmail.com

jeff elkner -
jeff at elkner.net

kevin cole -
dcloco at gmail.com

luke faraone -
luke at faraone.cc

wayan vota -
wayan at olpcnews.com


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