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Thanks to Wayan and the very talented Andi Gros, whom I met at Archive.org and the OLPC SF Summit, this blog’s broken RSS feed is back along with some much needed backend upgrades.

So if you missed last month’s Mega Trip Report chock full of links to my month of OLPC-related travel in October, please have a look.

I’ll likely drop in on the rumored Ubuntu meet-up this Saturday evening at Taste of India and call it a month unless someone wants to do an informal meetup. So no regular meeting this month.

See you all in 2011 after a safe and happy holiday!

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Takoma Park Heat Festival and Next Meeting

The Learning Club had a community information table set up at the Takoma Park Folk Festival today in the last blast of summer heat. We stayed hydrated all day and the steady stream of people curious about the little green laptops kept us on our feet. FFM, Kevin and Jeff helped out while also doing duty at the Ubuntu / Linux table. Between 11 am and 6pm, we gave out 40 business cards, 94 flyers and eight Sugar LiveCDs. And a big thank you to Ms. Swanee, who came out of nowhere to volunteer at the booth in the morning. Repeated here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from booth visitors:

When is your next meeting? When are meetings?

Our next meeting is this coming Saturday, September 20th, 2008 at the Arlington Career Center in Virginia. Adam Holt, Community Support Manager at OLPC Headquarters, will call in to the meeting to give us the latest information on the upcoming Give One Get One program and also talk about how to volunteer with OLPC. Also Thomas Doggette and FFM will give an update on their repair service.

What: Family XO Mesh Meetup
When: Saturday, September 20th, 2008, 10 am to 1 pm
Where: Arlington Career Center
816 South Walter Reed Drive,
Arlington, VA 22204
(Contact Page, Map, Bus Info)

Meetings have been standardized to the THIRD Saturday of every month at either the Arlington Career Center or the Student Union at Gallaudet University. We also meet at Nortel Networks on Capitol Hill.

To find out about upcoming meetings, visit this blog or subscribe to our low traffic email newsletter.

I am having trouble connecting to wifi, so I haven’t used my laptop much since it arrived.

The best thing to do would be to update the system software from what was originally shipped. There have been several major updates over the course of the year that address an array of bugs including the wifi connectivity issues. Unless you’re pretty tech savvy and can follow the instructions on the OLPC wiki, it would be best to seek the advice and hands-on help of an expert at one of our meetings. If you do not live in our area and are not near another user group, contact one of the grassroots repair centers that have emerged. Some of them, including the DC shop, will take shipment of a laptop to perform the software upgrade or other repair.

Other options for support are the OLPC News discussion forums, the OLPC support email help@laptop.org and the support web site at http://support.laptop.org.

Will there be another Give One Get One?

Yes, Nicholas Negroponte has announced that the program will start up again around November 17th to be run by Amazon through the end of the year. The specifics are still in planning, but OLPC News has summarized what is known so far.

I want [5 - 20] laptops to take on a trip to a school in country X. How can I get some from OLPC?

Because the OLPC Foundation has limited staff resources, and given its focus on large deployments in developing countries, it is generally unable to handle these types of requests. That said, if you have a thoughtful and detailed proposal, try submitting it to help@laptop.org.

Other ways to acquire laptops are to buy them off eBay or participate in the upcoming Give One Get One program.

One group to study that is doing interesting pilots is the Waveplace Foundation.

Where can I buy the solar panel and foot treadle power pack displayed at the booth?

The solar panel shown at our booth is the 10 watt model sold by XOExplosion.com. The foot treadle power pack is a general purpose product called the Weza made by Freeplay Energy. Amazon and other dealers carry it for a few dollars less than the suggested retail price listed at Freeplay.

Feel free to post in the comments here below this post if you have additional questions or email us at the email addresses listed in the top of the right column of this site’s home page.

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Pitching In

XO beta 4 camera: Cici 'n me taking a pause from TamTam

Hello. My name is Mike Lee. The photo is of me with my 4-year-old daughter mugging for the built-in camera of a prototype XO laptop.

Wayan has asked me to take over running this blog and the OLPC Learning Club – DC. Wayan’s not going anywhere, but as you might imagine with the surge of interest in One Laptop Per Child because of the Give One Get One program, Wayan has been close to maxed out maintaining OLPC News.

I became personally involved with OLPC because as part of my day job as one of the directors of a large non-profit web site, I have been my company’s sponsorship liaison to the MIT Media Lab for the last four years. It’s a profound privilege to be able to visit the lab 4-6 times a year. When OLPC spun off from MIT, several people I knew from the Media Lab went over to join Nicholas and I was able to drop in periodically to see their progress over the last 14 months.

Since August, I’ve had two of the B-test-4 laptops. Experiencing them has brought me to the realization that they are truly a breakthrough in so many ways not apparent to the press or casual viewer. Probably for the first time in the history of digital computers, a computing machine, the XO-1, has been developed from scratch to serve a purely humanitarian need. Beyond being an educational platform for small children in developing countries, the open source nature of the software and hardware encourages all who come in contact with the XO to set their minds free and think about bold new applications.

I’m not involved here because I work with the Media Lab or because I happened to have one of the prototype XOs because of contacts at OLPC. I truly love the ideas behind OLPC, and would certainly have become involved regardless. I’m volunteering some of my free time to the cause.

So, I look forward to getting to know you all. Please join OLPC Learning Club – DC and set your mind free to the possibilities!



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OLPC Learning Club – DC

OLPC Learning Club – Washington, DC is a local group of XO laptop enthusiasts committed to co-learning, hacking, and expanding the One laptop Per Child computational experience.

OLPC LC/DC has three simple goals:

  1. co-learning on the XO – be it with each other, our children, or other interested parties.
  2. hacking the XO – add new activities, actions, and uses from Jonathan’s software to case mods.
  3. expanding the XO – both the concept of expanding its uses but also expanding its audience and users

If you too believe that the One Laptop Per Child laptop, the Children’s Machine XO is a revolution in education and technology, then please join us:

Let us spread education, one laptop at a time.

Just to be clear, OLPC Learning Club – Washington DC is independent from the One Laptop Per Child organization. It’s a grassroots effort only.

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The OLPC Learning Club DC and Sugar Labs DC are independent grassroots organizations supporting the missions of One Laptop per Child and Sugar Labs.

contact us

mike lee -
curiouslee at gmail.com

jeff elkner -
jeff at elkner.net

kevin cole -
dcloco at gmail.com

luke faraone -
luke at faraone.cc

wayan vota -
wayan at olpcnews.com


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