August Meeting

Michael Connet will host us again at Nortel Networks on Capital Hill for the August meeting.

What: Family XO Mesh Meetup
When: Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, 10 am to 1 pm
Where: Nortel Networks, 101 Constitution Avenue, Washington, DC 20001 [

I’ll do a trip report on my recent visit to OLPC Headquarters and the Media Lab and we’ll be calling Anna Schoolfield in Birmingham to get an update on the upcoming deployment of 14,000 XOs there. I will also bring the OLPC 10 watt solar panel, which is now being sold by

Update: We will be doing the video conference again with Nortel’s Ottawa office where some of their staff and local XO owners will convene. I am trying out a conference call service that should be able to record the audio from DC, Ottawa and Anna’s call in from Birmingham to download later as an MP3.

One non-OLPC goodie I will have with me is a set of Siftables from the Ambient Intelligence Group of the Media Lab. Siftables are tiny gesture sensitive information displays that can sense each other’s presence and communicate back to a desktop PC via Bluetooth. It’s hard to give a short explanation of what they do exactly, but the demo I have installed features a Nicholas Negroponte Digital Bobblehead! Here’s a slick video that really shows these things off.

I have also uploaded the Powerpoint slides containing photos for my trip report.

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Gordon Dale

i might not make it

to dc in time

Mark Ahlness

Good luck on your get together. I’ll be interested, from the other Washington. If anyone is doing anything live, or connecting to a jabber server, or recording for later, please share here – thanks!

ps – just ordered a 10w panel – will give a cloudy Seattle evaluation at some point…


I’m so happy I just found this site. I’ll join you tomorrow as we gave an OLPC Laptop to our 9 year old son las Christmas and we are far from understanding how to use it!
I hope we can join even if we are almost illiterate on the subject. But we need help! Thanks for organizaing this group.

mike beale

Mike Lee,

Sorry I missed the 23 Aug mtg I said I’d attend. Death in the family; spent the week in Florida. Hope to start getting involved in Sept. Understand 20 Sep next meeting? Thanks in advance.

Mike Beale

Posted Friday, 15 August 2008 at 4:37 am in: