Final agenda for 1/31/08 meeting

 I have things finalized for what should be a great meeting this week of the OLPC Learning Club. I think we might even beat our last meeting’s attendance of 42. Our email list now has over 95 names, and the introductions thread on the forum is full of interesting posts. Once again, the time and location:

Thursday, Jan 31, 2008, 6:30-9pm at

Greater DC Cares 1725 I (Eye) Street, NW, Street Level Entrance, SunTrust Conference Room, Washington, DC 20006

The DC Cares web site lists their address as 1727, but we’re actually going in an alternate entrance (links to photos are above). As mentioned before, DC Cares is 1/2 block from Farragut West Metro and 2 blocks from Farragut North. I’m sure there’s parking nearby in the typical downtown garages. Our host is Curtis Cannon if for some reason you don’t see me right away.

I’ll be there an hour early to help get things set up. I’ll bring some extra power strips and a WiFi router as there is no open access point. Mesh should work fine. As kindly suggested by other user groups, it would be a good idea to bring personal contact info cards of some sort for networking, a charged up XO, your green power adapter with an identifying mark or sticker on it and perhaps a fresh USB flash drive 1gb or larger if you want to seek help doing a system upgrade or software install.

Here’s the agenda:

6:30 – Mike’s welcome and logistics for the night

6:40 – Curtis Cannon, Greater DC Cares and Peter Corbett, iStrategy Labs on OLPC laptops for social change

6:50 – Justin Thorp on developing content for the OLPC XO

7:05 – Mike will demonstrate power options and accessories for the XO

7:20 – Raffle

7:30 – 9:00 Mingle and mesh

As always, feel free to bring a still or video camera to document the goings-on. We won’t have much more than pitchers of water, so you should try to grab a snack on your way. Kids are welcome. There’s even an adjoining room if they want their own playspace. I’m going to try to push out one more post before Thursday here, so check back if you can.

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Jesse Thomas

im excited about justins creating content preso! and in general wondering how I can extend my battery life.. its totally bothering me!

Justin Thorp

Dude, yeah i’m excited to talk about some of the stuff i’ve worked on.

Peter Corbett

Hi all,

I’m sorry i can’t make the meeting. I’ve on a last minute business trip in CA. I’ll connect with Curtis to see what the next steps are. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.


Mike Lee

Peter, that’s no problem at all. I know you have good mind share with Curtis, so he and I will talk the piece.


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Mike Lee

Thanks to all who attended and helped out tonight. Here are my photos from the meeting. 48 attended at the DC Cares conference room!


And a photo of the new ZoWii USB ethernet adapter for the XO that we sold some of tonight:


Rich Canning

I was amazed at the response that my daughter (the 6 year old girl in the pink hat) and I got from people on the metro and elsewhere on the way back from the meeting. She pulled out her XO (which she is very proud of!) and immediately two or three people were crowded around us asking questions. All in all a very positive experience on Thursday night!

Mike Lee

Rich, thanks for supporting us and OLPC!

Patricia Wood

I got my little green laptop the end of Dec. and since I’m not that techy, it’s been interesting to figure it out. I was interested in maybe coming to a meeting where I could ask about the things I haven’t figured yet. Do you have to be a member of the group, and how do I find out about future meetings?

Patricia Wood
Silver Spring MD
I work at the MLK library in DC though

Mike Lee

Patricia, you don’t have to be a “member” as we aren’t a dues-paying organization. We would love to have you at our next meeting on February 23rd. See the other blog post.


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