OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup

Are you excited about One Laptop Per Child’s mission to expand educational experiences with technology? Do you want to hear what people in the field are doing? And will you be excited to mesh your new XO laptop with other G1G1 First Day Donors?

Then come join other XO enthusiasts for the first OLPC LC-DC meeting with a special guest, Bryan Berry, External Relations Manager, OLE Nepal.

Bryan will be giving us an overview of OLE Nepal’s progress with its OLPC pilot in Nepal, and detail their evaluation plan, content development, and progress in creating One Laptop Per Nepali Child.

OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup
December 18, 7 PM
Mayorga Cafe & Lounge
3301 14th. St. NW (map)

Be sure to bring your enthusiasm, your commitment, and of course, you shiny green XO laptop.

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Bryan Berry

would love to know what you guys want to hear about.

planning to talk about the following

our group organization
our plan for Nepal’s OLPC pilot
Larger implementation plan — teachers, infrastructure, and financing
Content Development

How you can help:
Testing of OLPC hardware
Content development, content development, content development

Crystal W

Hi Brian,

Looking forward to the meetup, especially hearing/talking about content development. I’ve seen ideas for educational content on laptop.org’s wiki, but I’m not sure which are being addressed, who is working on them, etc.

Wendy Drexler

In the spirit on online collaboration, why not invite virtual participants to join the meeting via Skype Public Chats. If you have a presentation, you can share it via Google Presentations. All Free. Then, those of us who are not in DC can participate as well.

Wayan Vota


I’m sure there will be a video or two posted here right after the meeting, but trying to bring people in live, while in a bar, is a little too distracting.

A better idea would be to organize a OLPC Learning Cluc in your area so you can have your own XO meetups.

Mike Lee

Wendy, I think your idea is worth investigating, but Wayan makes a good point about this being a somewhat noisy bar. I have podcasting gear and will attempt to capture video or audio to post after. Skype might at some point in the future be doable with a microphone, but we would need to test the wireless connection at the venue. Going forward, we hope this grassroots club will grow to the point where we can have more structured talks in a meeting room as well as the socials.


I would love to be there, but the location seems too unfriendly (at least to someone under 21 and female coming alone).

Also, noisy bars are not well suited for discussion, in general I find.

I hope there will be other events in more welcoming locations.

Bryan Berry

I find the Wonderland Ballroom to be a fairly friendly place but I do not recall if it is only 21 and over. I will be in the DC area for over two weeks and would be happy to converse w/ anyone interested in OLPC implementations, particularly in poor nations like Nepal (where I am at this moment).

Bryan Berry

Wayan, do you think we could do the meeting at some place more audio and video friendly, like your house? Also, I will be tempted to over-indulge w/ the wondrous dark beers of Wonderland that I have been deprived of in Nepal.


Relax everyone. I am looking to reserve the entire top floor of Wonderland – it will be filled with the sounds of OLPC LC/DC only. They also have open wifi and there will be multiple recordings of all the fun.

I’ll check later today, but I believe that Wonderland is all ages and the Columbia Heights neighbourhood is very welcoming – I live nearby.

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Andrew Halls

I’ve just downloaded the OLPC XO image on my Mac and have been playing around with it … certainly a little bit of a learning curve. Looking forward to getting involved … I certainly want to be in a position to start helping kids and teachers to use the laptop … let me know if you have any pointers on getting started. Thanks

Andrew Halls

There is a benefit for OLPC sponsored by Navigation Arts and DC Cares and many others, This Thursday, December 6 at 7:00 pm at Lotus Lounge in Washington, D.C.

Check out the news article for more information. http://www.navigationarts.com/news/20071129.technoliday_party.aspx

Mike Lee

Andrew, I was going to try to make it to that event, but too much is going on. Plus as far as donating, I contributed a wad by doing G2G2 for home and another G2G2 for my team at the office. Have fun with the desktop emulation.

Sarah Elkins

I will be there on the 18th! Looking forward to it. I hope my laptops have come in by then.


Hey all,

Christoph from OLPC Austria (www.olpc.at) speaking here. Aaron (olpc.lo-res.org, also OLPC Austria) and me will also be attending the meeting on the 18th! Originally we had only planned to go to Cambridge/Boston for some discussions with OLPC but thanks to the kind invitation by a certain Wayan Vota we’re now also going to make it to DC!

As everyone else I’m very excited about the whole event and looking forward to meeting all of you. :-)

BTW, Bryan, trust me, you won’t be only one having a beer (or two)!

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