Meet OLPCorps Team “Ampitso” in DC on Wednesday

Are you excited about the OLPCorps idea – teams of college students headed to Africa with a stack of XO’s and determination to make a change? Want to meet a winning group that’s headed to Madagascar from right here in DC? The OLPC Ampitso team is leaving in early June, but before they go, they need your help.

They need the collective wisdom of OLPC Learning Club-DC, our excitement, and our years of exploration with the XO laptop. They can also use our support – deployment in Madagascar is going to be tough, and we can supply research and expertise that would be priceless to OLPC Ampitso and their beneficiaries, the children of Ambatoharanana.

So come out and meet OLPC Ampitso, learn what they’re planning, and share what you know:

OLPC Ampitso Meetup
Wednesday, May 27, 6:30pm
Looking Glass Lounge
Back beer garden
3634 Georgia Ave NW

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Please feel free to keep in touch with the informal “OLPC Madagascar” community ( , in FR, ENG or MG), actually approx. 30 people – from the FLOSS community, educators and researchers, developpers, bloggers, translators, businesspeople, representants of various institutions) located either in Tananarivo or in the province or from the malagasian diaspora worldwide. They achieved 26% of the malagasian translation of the Sugar user interface and its activities on the Pootle server ( ) and are committed to their community. OLPC France will deploy 100 Xos in Nosy Komba ( ) with the help of our malagasian friends and we are interested in sharing with Ampitso about our respective projects.

Mike Lee

Samy, those links are much appreciated. OLPC News will release this same announcement in a few hours, please add this info in the comments of that post too.


Great Mike!

Another project you might be aware of, in Madagascar, is the deployment of 15 XOs to Maroansetra in September. The project is carried out by “OLPC San Francisco Bay Area” (our contact is June Kleider)

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