OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup Update

Are you stalking UPS drivers with geek-lust for your G1G1 laptop? Do you want to mesh network with other First Day Donors? Then be sure to join us for the first ever:

OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup
December 18, 7 PM
Mayorga Cafe & Lounge
3301 14th. St. NW (map)

We will have three special guests with us from other OLPC organizing groups:

Bryan, Christoph, and Aaron will be giving us an overview of their progress in organizing local OLPC groups in their countries, and ideas on how to expand OLPC LC/DC.

Then we’ll have an in-depth geek-fest and discussion around XO laptop usage right here in Washington DC. Be sure to bring your enthusiasm, your commitment, and of course, you shiny green G1G1 XO laptop!

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Wayan Vota

Check out the new location – Mayorga Cafe & Lounge. We will be in the downstairs cafe, just a block from the Columbia Heights Metro Station


Would it be possible to put together either a live cybercast of the meeting, or post it to youtube later?

I’ve joined the OLPC/DC mailing list, but I’m based in PA and I don’t think I can get down there for this meeting.

BTW, I’m extremely interested in the possible uses of the XO as assistive tech for disabled persons, particularly deaf-blind persons. If anyone in the DC group (or anywhere else) is also interested in these possibilities, please signify by saying “aye” and we can get a special-interest group going. :)

Wayan Vota


There will be multiple YouTube videos of the event. Be sure to check back here afterwards – we’ll have full coverage.

In addition, there is nothing stopping you from forming your own OLPC learning club in PA.


I am interested in exploring the possibilities of the XO as a learning tool for the mentally retarded. I ordered one through G1G1. I am located in PA and would like to hear from others with similar interests.


Donna, Neil, we have project going on here at OLPC Austria that’s aimed at people with special requirements (in our case people who aren’t able to use a mouse/keyboard as input devices), please see http://www.olpcaustria.org/mediawiki/index.php/Headtracker for more information!



I scheduled my bus from Brooklyn so that I could make it to the Sunday night meeting at Wonderland. I guess its been canceled and moved to Tuesday, when I won’t be able to come.

Perhaps next time.


Thank you, ChristophD, I could not get your web page to load, though.
Please check out our project at

Mike Lee

Well, I’m not likely going to be one of the first day donors who receive a production XO early in the Dec. 14-24 shipping window, but I’ll bring my two B4 prototypes. I’ll also have an ASUS Eee PC, a Chumby and accessories tested to work with the XO. Looking forward to meeting you all.


My XO just arrived this morning in Annapolis. I hope I can make this meeting Dec. 18 — that is my 26th anniversary, maybe I can convince my husband this is a good way to celebrate!

The XO is SO cute! Can’t wait to explore it.

Mike Lee

Pam, don’t miss your 26th anniversary for our meeting! We’ll do our best to blog the meeting as richly as we can. Please stick with us online, and we’ll also look forward to seeing you at whatever event comes together in January.


I’m in Chesapeake City, Md but have to be at BWI to meet a 9:00 plane. What will likely be happening between 7:00 and 8:30? I will bring my G1G1 XO.



I think you’ll find the first hour the most informative – we’ll have the guys from OLPC Austria and OLPC Nepal talking about thier respective programs and how we can all work together with our XO’s.

Also, that’s the best time ot meet and greet with every and find others in your area to mesh with.

Then there is the 5 minutes of gloat for having a XO!

Dulles Neighbor

I’ll have to miss the party. I am a first day buyer. Just called FEDEX and my XO will be here on Tuesday at some TBD time between 8am and 8pm via FEDEX Ground. Since no signature is required they will just leave it outside if I am not here. That’s why I am not using my real name ;-) FWI I live near Dulles Airport – big Fedex shipping center there


Sorry I’ll have to miss it; I have tickets for the One Man Star Wars show that night!

Greg Yohn


Got my machine this Saturday and plan to get there.

I have a few questions about Linux Voip Options.

I would like to know how to play more than one song with EToys from my memory stick.

I learned how to get my flash working and changed the initial color and even added my 2 gig memory card yesterday. My Yahoo Web Messenger is working, so I can talk to my friends from overseas!


What! I can’t believe how many people already have their XO. I stayed up all night and ordered as soon as the page changed on laptopgiving.com and mine still hasn’t arrived :( . I’ll be coming to the meeting anyways, just disappointed that I won’t have my XO.


I too ordered the first day. The two I ordered for my kids 11/8&5, just showed up. Interestingly (at least to me) fed-ex didn’t even ring the bell. They just left them at the front door. Thankfully, I had signed up for fedex e-mail notification (after getting my info from OLPC customer care) so knew to go downstairs and being the package in before someone else decided they wanted it!

I can’t make it tonight, but look forward to getting some XO enabled kids together to see what they do with them.


My XO just arrived via FEDEX Ground here in Reston, VA. Booted up just fine.

Keith Cowing

I got my OLPC XO laptop today. It is an interesting device. Certainly rugged. In some ways it is intuitive – in other ways (i.e. to my 52 year old brain) somewhat counter intuitive. But it is not designed for me. It is designed for children – children who may have never touched electronics before – their gateway to the modern, globalized, interconnected world. As such, this is a potentially powerful device. Once you get through a few things it is remarkably straightforward to use. I get the feeling someone in a third world community is going to submit the equivalent of their application to Starfleet Academy on this device.

I’ll have my XO laptop with me in the green room tomorrow (wednesday) morning as I wait to go on CNN to talk about space exploration at 10:30 am EST

Keith Cowing, Editor


Hi All,
Mine came yesterday and I’m having fun…kids are clearly smarter than I am, though. I will need to spend a lot of time on the support pages w/ everyone. Can’t get Quicktime videos to load. Anyone know how?

Mike Lee

Welcome Denise! Quicktime doesn’t currently run on the XO. There are a couple guys working on a version of MPlayer for the XO, which in its full Linux version can support Quicktime. We’ll see what makes it into the XO.


Thanks Mike. How do we get videos to run?

Mike Lee

Denise, click in the middle of the video frames. The first one will go to YouTube where you will see video controls. The second video will play in place. You need to have Flash installed on your computer. These won’t play well or at all on an XO.


I received the xo on Dec. 21. Does anyone know how to retreive the free T-mobile service.

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