Slides on Cloud Computing on the OLPC XO-1

Here is Kim Toufectis’ slide presentation from the April meeting on cloud computing on the XO. Naturally, he authored the presentation in an online service as well. In an email following the meeting, Kim gave us his current picks for cloud computing services:

  • For design, Cloudo wins hands down; if its applications mature this is a highly attractive option overall.
  • For range of available applications and integration with Google services (Chat, Maps, GMail, Contacts, etc.), OODesk and MyBooo are each excellent.
  • For usable spreadsheets, Peepel seems to work the most responsively.
  • For FLOSS, cmyos and eyeOS seem to lead the field.

Kim observed that during the meeting, many members were scribbling intently when the topic of streaming music services was touched upon. I agree with Kim that that will be a great topic to cover in a future meeting.

I’ve also posted a set of photos from the meeting.

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I’ve found web applications + SSBs to be much more interesting, because this way web applications integrate with the native OS (if the user so chooses).

Of course, I’m biased :)

Mike Lee

Indeed. We can’t wait to try native web applications integrated with Sugar!

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