Video from the first Holiday Meetup

Last night’s Holiday Meetup at Mayorga Cafe was a great success. Until I can do a writeup and post photos, I’ll link to the two videos I managed to get of the talks last night. Enjoy.

Bryan Berry

Guest speaker: Bryan Berry, External Relations Manager, OLE Nepal, with Wayan Vota doing introductions. Bryan also provided the text to his speech.

Guest speakers: Christoph Derndorfer & Aaron Kaplan of OLPC Austria.

Shaky camera work by Mike Lee.

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Got my Give One today- fired it up to play,( and write a Merry Christmas message for Patrick, my pal who is receiving it)
What a great little laptop!!
I delivered it- (much to his and his parent’s astonishment!),came home and immediately went online and ordered another two- ( so I can keep one!!!!Patrick wants me to go online w/ him!)
Does this male me an addict?
I’m located down near Fredericksburg, VA- I hope I can hook up w/ some folks closer in, as well as you all.

Wayan Vota

Wow! What a night! Thanks everyone. I’ve put up my OLPC LC-DC photos too. Next, the videos…

Keith Cowing

Sorry I missed the meeting. However, my XO did manage to get out of the house today. I took it with me to CNN for an interview I did this morning at the DC studio. Everyone wanted to touch it. See for photos.

Mike Lee


I’m happy you’re interested in our nascent group. Great article link. Did you know that NASA has produced a bunch of content in Squeak which chould run in eToys on the XO?

Might you have a contact at NASA that can tell us if this content can be ported to the XO?


Mike Lee

Pattiofdarkstar, welcome!

Wayan, cool shots! I’m still stuggling with converting the first video. I’m not sure why that clip chokes on Revver and YouTube when the other was fine.

Andrew Halls

I’m sorry I couldn’t make the program … playing around with squeak and eToys seems like a fun thing to do … whats the plan for the next event? How GameJam using Squeak

– Andrew

Mike Lee

Andrew, we’ll see you soon I’m sure. Now that the laptops are arriving into people’s homes in the U.S., I hope we’ll quickly get past the delivery issues back to the powerful software within the laptop–including eToys, which is based on Squeak.

I’m collating all the comments and feedback I have gotten for a post over the weekend, but yes, we definitely want to do OLPC-style Game Jams in addition to general meetings and other activities.

For January and beyond, we need to settle on a regular meeting place and time. I’m taking suggestions for locations that are free, have wifi, can accomodate around 50 people and Metro accessible.

I’m also looking for people who want to be seriously involved with running the group. I already have a number of volunteers.

This is exciting!

Keith Cowing


No I did not know about the NAS stuff. Great – thanks. Will check into it. BTW my interest in OLPC is focused on one of my other activities; I am on the board of directors of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education – and we are looking to vastly expand our “served audience” – we can reach kids in impoverished rural US communities or kids in villages on the Congo River in much the same way….


Are there plans for another gathering?

Mike Lee

John, yes, we are beginning to plan another gathering, but I can’t start to evaluate locations until people get back from vacations (including myself) next week. I have gotten some good suggestions and offers to help make arrangements. More ideas to curiouslee [at] are welcomed.

I want the next meeting to be 1) at a location that’s suitable for more formal, structured presentations 2) near Metro (and optionally have cheap or free parking) 3) able to accommodate more people in presentation-friendly seating 4) with free wifi or wired internet connectivity. I also want to invite parents to bring their children to upcoming meetings, but that depends on location and available times.

Until the next meeting, people should feel free to meet informally and I will promote those gatherings here.



Any possibility of meeting again at Mayorga in Columbia Heights? I’d like to bring my daughter (age 5) to meet other XO kids and have the opportunity to share/ pick up some tips on fun things to do with the OX.

Mike Lee

Tom. Thanks for your interest. Hopefully today, I’ll get final confirmation on the location and time of the next meeting. It is tentatively at a non-profit foundation’s meeting space near Farragut West Metro from 6:30-9pm on Thursday, January 31st. I blog and email confirmation once I know.

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