XO Tip Swap Yo

Because we know that using an OLPC XO isn’t always a joyride, we’re going to focus our July meeting on helping club members get more out of their laptops. With the laptop piped into an LCD projector, we’ll swap tips and tricks on navigating the Sugar user interface, demonstrate new or interesting software activities and also talk about the latest accessories for the laptop itself.
XO gang sign
There should be a little something for everyone who attends. And if nothing else, you can get help practicing the XO gang sign (proudly conceived by Edward at left). We will log the discussion points for posting to this blog or our wiki. If you want to demonstrate anything that requires installation on our projector enabled XO, please let us know during the week before.

What: Family XO Mesh Meetup
When: Saturday, July 26th, 2008, 10 am to 1pm

Where: Gallaudet University [
map], Student Union Building, Lower Level [floorplan], Flexible Room L040 and L041, Washington, D.C. 20002

If this is your first time at Gallaudet, and you are driving, come to the main entrance of campus (see map link above) and check in at the security kiosk where you’ll be directed to the proper parking lot. This time, we’ll have balloons by the entrance to the Student Union nearest to the parking lot.

It’s also a doable walk from the nearby Metro station.

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I’m very sorry that I’m going to miss this meeting as I’ll only arrive in Boston on Saturday, July 26… :-/

Rich Canning

I would be very pleased if I could be walked through the installation of the SW that permits listening to Internet radio stations and the playing of media files.

Mike Lee

Hi Rich, it’s been a while since I installed something like that (MPlayer early on), but I’m sure someone with some command line expertise at the meeting can either walk through the process as described online or they have actually done it. We’ll all learn together!

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