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Here’s a nice video of our February meeting produced by the students involved with Nortel’s LearnIT project. LearnIT has started a pageĀ about us on their learning resources web site.

And if you didn’t catch it on OLPC News, Wayan shot a sweet clip of 6-year-old meeting regular Marayd demonstrating XO Speak.

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Just wanted to pass up some value priced USB keyboards for XO. I liked the flexible keyboard for portability, but it really requires a flat surface, so I think the mini is better. act fast for rebates.


flexible keyboard – $7.00 free shipping from free rebates.

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Kim Toufectis

I am finding my xo a pretty nifty little tool, and love its portability, efficiency, and versatility. If it has one Achilles’ heel it’s a keyboard sized for kids’ hands, so it’s fortunate that USB keyboards work fine.

Lugging a full-sized external keyboard, though, is inelegant. By chance I happened upon a Stowaway, a full-sized keyboard that folds down to the size of a PDA and weighs only half a pound. Would it connect to a USB port, I’d be done, but it was designed for use with PDAs at the turn of the millennium. Here is an image and specs:

So my question: is there a way to mate this wonderful little PDA accessory to my wonderful little laptop?

Mike Lee

I just posted some photos from our last meeting at Gallaudet on Flickr:

I’ll be posting info on our next meeting soon. We will return to Nortel Networks on Saturday, June 28, 2008 10am-1pm.

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